What we do

Independence  Creativity  Inclusion

At Goodlife we encourage and enable people with a disability and their families to increase their understanding of care, health and housing systems, how to make the most of these resources and how to become more self-reliant utilising other available resources within their community and neighbourhoods.

Using a unique approach of network building, collaboration, creativity and inclusion we bring individuals, families and organisations together, enabling peer support, innovative projects and creative community connections.

“every person we work with adds to the network…”

We are able to offer individuals and their families information, guidance and support with:

  • Deciding what a goodlife looks like
  • Creating a plan to make it happen
  • Developing personal networks and circles of support
  • Exploring housing options and securing a home
  • Making safe decisions now and in the future
  • Thinking about Trusts and Wills
  • Care and support planning
  • Securing funding
  • Organising support that is personal and accountable
  • Managing care and support funding

Information and advice 

Goodlife offers free independent information, advice and guidance about a range of issues that affect people with disabilities and their carers. This can include access to care and support services, funding for health and social care, housing, learning, community activities and others.

Independent Brokerage

Brokers are independent guides to help people navigate the complexities of care and support funding and planning. Our brokers, Helen and Bill each have over twenty five years experience supporting individuals and families to organise and self-direct their housing, health and social care.

Family Futures

Goodlife’s Family Futures project offers workshops,  drop-in sessions and one to one assistance for family carers to explore what will happen when they are no longer able to care for their relative and go on to make and realise a plan for a positive future.

Community Projects 

We work with groups of people and partner with organisations to design and develop projects where groups of people are able to benefit from our unique approach.


We offer a range of training opportunities to influence the way people work and to extend understanding and know-how.

Social Work Practice Education

Helen is a qualified Independent Social Worker and Practice Educator able to provide social work students supervision of their placements..

Work placements 

Goodlife and Artworks for Change offer work placements to students at the Glasshouse college and others.