About Goodlife

Goodlife is an independent not for profit community interest company based in Stourbridge and working across the Black Country.

Our mission is to bring real opportunity for people living with disability and long-term conditions to shape their lives, plan their futures and contribute to community life.

We operate within a strong framework of values based on independence, inclusion and creativity.

Goodlife was founded by Bill Laybourne and Helen Garbett and is supported by the Polack Settlement Trust.

Helen is a a qualified social worker who has 25 years experience working in housing, health and social care, she cares for her son who has a learning disability. She has lived and worked in the Black Country her whole life.

Bill has lived and worked in Wolverhampton and the Black Country for 30 years. Now living in Shropshire he is a qualified broker, with 25 years experience of working in housing, skills and social care. Beginning in the 1990s working with the inspirational figure of David Brandon he has always had an interest in the potential for change afforded by brokerage and personalised funding. He is a member of the National Brokerage Network.

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